So you’ve captured the perfect shot, made some corrective/creative enhancements and now it’s time to save…but what do you Save As? Well the answer depends on what you are saving and how it will be used/shared.

PSDs are great for saving projects and keeping each element intact (and separated), but they aren’t ideal for tasks beyond Photoshop editing. When it comes to sharing, sending, posting and printing your images there are a few options and things to consider. Below is a chart that reviews the most common formats, and the pros and cons of each. This information can show you the benefits and key uses for each format…helping you to decide which (and when) one to use.

RAW and DNG are image formats generated from your camera (depending on the type of camera you have and the settings used). While you would not select these from the “Save As” menu in Photoshop, it is still important to know the key features and facts of both.

Download the 17×11 image reference chart

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