Topaz Labs is excited to announce our soon to be released product, Topaz Clarity, a plug-in that helps you create powerful and refined images by intelligently enhancing clarity and contrast with absolutely no artifacts or halos. Topaz Clarity will be available next week.

Target Specific Contrast Regions

Topaz Clarity allows you to create flawless contrast and clarity definition with minimal effort. With just a few clicks you can easily manipulate your image’s micro, midrange, and overall contrast, transforming a photo from ordinary to extraordinary!

This cutting-edge technology allows you to effectively enhance various tonal regions and then increase or decrease the contrast and clarity in that specific variation, all while maintaining a natural feeling and tonality within the image.


Breakthrough Halo-Free Algorithm

The proprietary technology behind the software allows you to boost your contrast and clarity without emphasizing transitions between light and dark areas, eliminating the common problem of halos, noise, and artifacts.


Advanced Hue/Saturation/Luminance Technology

Using IntelliColor technology, you can easily enhance your image with the HSL filter, allowing for stronger, yet more natural Hue/Saturation/Luminance adjustments.

Clarity collage 2

Re-Imagined Masking Workflow

Based upon a Reveal and Hide Logic, the masking module, now attached to each adjustment tab, contains a comprehensive set of tools including an edge-aware brush, gradient mask, smart feather tool, color aware tool and more!

To see it in action, attend one of Nichole’s Topaz Clarity Sneak Peek Webinars below:

Fri, May 17, 2013
1-1:30PM CDT
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Fri, May 17, 2013
3-3:30PM CDT
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Mon, May 20, 2013
2-2:30PM CDT
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Hope to see you there!

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