Topaz Detail™ just got better! The soon-to-be-released Detail™ 3 features enhanced performance, new presets, preset collections, masking capabilities, opacity control and lots more! These new productivity-increasing tools offer you a more professional workflow experience with unlimited flexibility and customization over your image detail.


About Topaz Detail™:
Topaz Detail™ features the most advanced detail control technology, allowing for precise and intricate enhancements to multiple sizes of detail (small, medium and large) within your images – but without the side effects of halos and artifacts. The flexible and unmatched detail control found in Topaz Detail is invaluable for photographers like you that desire the ability to make high-quality detail enhancements.


Here are some of the new features waiting for you in the all new Topaz Detail™ 3:

* Ultimate Detail Control. Selectively control small, medium and large detail throughout your entire image or specifically target details found in shadow and highlight areas.
* Improved Performance. An enhanced workflow with faster processing speeds and the ability to handle larger images.
* New Presets Explore a variety of new presets that offer detail enhancement styles for every type of photographer and any type of image.
* Preset Collections. All of the presets are broken down into collections allowing you to take control of your preset workflow and organization. It also features the new ability to create your own collections.
* Effect Mask. Selectively brush detail in or out using the tools in the Effect Mask tab.
* Opacity Slider. Control the overall strength of your applied detail enhancements using the Opacity slider (located in the Effect Mask tab).
* Improved Toning Control. Achieve more natural and consistent tone throughout your image with the integration of the Topaz IntelliColor™ technology.
* Interactive Sliders. With the improved image processing speed you can now see your results instantly as you move the adjustment sliders.
* Split Screen. Get the perfect look every time using the 2-screen split view for easy before and after comparison.


Availability information:
YES, Detail™ 3 will be a FREE upgrade to existing users. Specific upgrade information for Detail™ 3 will be announced once it is released. We will also send out a newsletter announcement with trial sign-ups and purchasing details for those that do not yet own Topaz Detail™ and would like to try/buy. If you are not currently signed up to receive the Topaz newsletter you can sign up now online at:

Detail™ 3 will be available for Mac OSX 10.6+ and Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8.

We also have some intro to Detail 3 webinars planned for Friday and Monday. During the webinars we will introduce you to the new program and show you features in action! Check out the schedule and sign up on our webinars page. There will also be several opportunities for those that don’t yet own Detail to win a FREE copy of the program.

We truly appreciate the feedback we’ve received over the years…it’s your requests, comments and suggestions that help us in creating fun and useful tools that I hope you all enjoy.

Best Regards,
Ashley Robinson
Director of Business Development

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