Textures & Beyond – Creativity with Topaz

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By Hazel Meredith, APSA, MNEC, Meredith Images

This tutorial uses several Topaz products – Impression; Lens Effects; Simplify; and Texture Effects. We will modify two texture images before applying them to our subject image. You can follow along using the same images by downloading them from this link.

You can do this project in Photoshop CS/CC; PS Elements; or any program that allows you to do layers.
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Romantic Flower Photography with Topaz

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Flower and botanical photography is very popular and it is easy to create romantic flower photography. It’s exciting to find new blossoms and colors to photograph and it’s a subject matter that can be found in every region and area of the world! I love photographing flowers because they are a great subject matter to practice depth of field with, they are all so very different in colors and shape, and they are versatile for making art with! Romantic flower photography is easy in this easy and quick tutorial! We’ll learn how to turn those images and snapshots into surreal, dreamy photographs with Topaz Simplify and Topaz Texture Effects premade effects.

Don’t have Simplify or Texture Effects? Give them a try for free for 30 days!

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A Touch of Art with Harold Davis and Topaz (42:09)

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NOTE: The presentation talks more about processes than our traditional workflow webinars, join Harold Davis as he explains the why behind the how of his editing workflow.

Master photographer Harold Davis is well known for his books, prints, and extraordinary images of a wide variety of subject matter. “I’ve been called a digital artist who uses photographs as my source material,” he says, “and I believe this is a good way to consider my work.” Harold Davis likes to take his imagery slightly beyond conventional photography using digital painting, but not so far beyond photography that he would “lose the suspension of disbelief inherent in the photographic capture.”

In creating this syncretic mixture of photography and digital art, Harold Davis says that among his favorite “go-to tools are the brilliant Topaz Labs Photoshop plugins.”

In this webinar, Harold will explain how he uses Topaz Adjust, Topaz Simplify, Topaz Glow 2, and Topaz Impressions 2, and provide concrete examples. He’ll discuss two of his ideas about using special effects in Photoshop: If you’ve ever wanted to know how the Hegelian triad and homeopathy relate to the use of the Topaz plugins in Photoshop, this may be the webinar for you. Finally, he’ll explain how he uses a touch of Topaz in his workflow to create his unique photographic art.

There will be time for Q&A following the webinar.

About Harold Davis: Harold Davis is the author of eighteen bestselling photography books, most recently Achieving Your Potential As a Photographer: A Photographer’s Creative Companion and Workbook, published by Focal Press. His new book, The Photographer’s Black & White Handbook: Making and Processing Stunning Digital Black and White Photos, is slated for early 2017 publication by Monacelli Press. A Zeiss Lens Ambassador and Moab Master, Harold’s work has been published in books, advertisements, cards, posters, and in art editions. His prints are widely collected. As a workshop leader he is constantly in demand.  Harold is on the faculty at institutions including the Heidelberg Summer School of Photography, Maine Media Workshops, and Point Reyes Field Seminars.

Digital Art with Topaz Simplify (36:56)

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Topaz Simplify gives you the tools to quickly create many types of digital art, resulting in beautiful painterly and graphic effects. Join Nichole Paschal as she shows you how you can go beyond the basic presets in Simplify to easily create a variety of looks.

Fine Art Nature Photography by Tony Sweet (46:43)

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Tony Sweet’s inspiring session on how he uses Topaz plug-ins in his fine art nature photography workflow.

Tony is a highly-recognized professional nature photographer whose work has been published worldwide in every medium. Tony is a Nikon Legend Behind the Lens, lecturer, co-owner/operator of the Visual Artistry Workshop Series and is represented by Getty Images. He is also the author of 5 books in his Fine Art Photography Series and co-producer of 5 instructional DVDs.

On Safari with Bobbie Goodrich: Creative Interpretation of African Wildlife

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Join fine art and wildlife photographer photographer Bobbie Goodrich as she demonstrates her creative interpretations of wildlife imagery using Topaz software.  See the amazing transformations as she uses Topaz ReStyle, Lens Effects and Simplify.

Bobbie is a published and award-winning fine art & wildlife photographer based in Santa Fe, NM.  She conducts workshops and photo tours to exotic locations throughout Africa, Europe and South America, as well as digital photography post production workshops at her studio in Santa Fe.  Her limited edition works have been honored in several museum exhibitions and she is also represented by the Zuva Gallery in Scottsdale, Bentley Publishing and Licensing and Rosenstiel Fine Art Editions in the UK.