On Safari with Bobbie Goodrich: Creative Interpretation of African Wildlife

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Join fine art and wildlife photographer photographer Bobbie Goodrich as she demonstrates her creative interpretations of wildlife imagery using Topaz software.  See the amazing transformations as she uses Topaz ReStyle, Lens Effects and Simplify.

Bobbie is a published and award-winning fine art & wildlife photographer based in Santa Fe, NM.  She conducts workshops and photo tours to exotic locations throughout Africa, Europe and South America, as well as digital photography post production workshops at her studio in Santa Fe.  Her limited edition works have been honored in several museum exhibitions and she is also represented by the Zuva Gallery in Scottsdale, Bentley Publishing and Licensing and Rosenstiel Fine Art Editions in the UK.

Enhance your imagery with Adjust, Simplify and Detail (44:38)

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Enhance your Topaz workflow as John Barclay introduces Topaz Adjust, Detail and Simplify, then demonstrates how he uses each within his own workflow to help create stunning imagery.  John is an award winning freelance photographer and enthusiastic workshop leader. He is also an inspirational speaker who has been presenting his program Dream – Believe – Create to audiences around the country.

Quick Tips – Line and Ink Drawings with Simplify (30:00)

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This series is designed for users who are already familiar with the basics of Topaz Plug-ins, and are interested in learning some quick tips and tricks to improve their Topaz workflow.

Are you looking for a simple way to transform your image into a line drawing? Do you need to create interesting ink and line effects? Join Topaz Labs’ Senior Marketing Specialist, Nichole Paschal, for a quick, yet informative demonstration on how to turn your images into unique line and ink drawings using Topaz Simplify.

Combining Simplify and Clean for Endless Creativity

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Topaz Simplify and Clean are well known for their ability to turn any photo into a beautiful piece of digital art, ranging from painterly looks, cartoons, line drawings and more. And when combined together, the creative possibilities are endless! Join Nichole Paschal as she walks you through many of the different artistic looks you can achieve working with Simplify and Clean together.