Add Christmas Cheer to Photos

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The holidays are more than just decorations and food. The little details make each Christmas special and different than the year before. Some families like to put up the traditional tree, wrap presents in a color and patterned theme, volunteer together, travel to see family, and (of course) eat! Are you ready to add Christmas Cheer to photos?

There’s magic in the air when you’re surrounded by friends and family, when the fireplace is lit while the snow is falling, and while you’re sharing all you have with others.

I love to document the details of events and travels. The presents under the tree, the decor, the food, the gifts, and all the little things that make the holidays special are perfect subjects to photograph. But how do you capture the warmth and glitz or the perfectly decorated tree? And how do you add a little bit of holiday cheer and magic to holiday photos?

Well, I’ll share my secret with you! Check out this easy to follow tutorial on how to add color, sparkle, and vibrancy to your holiday images with Topaz Glow and Topaz Star Effects!

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