Accentuating Emotion with Topaz Texture Effects

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Topaz Texture Effects is not only a great way to add textures to your images, it’s also a great way to use those textures to tone your images.  Combined with other adjustments like edge blurs and light leaks, it’s easy to use Texture Effects to create virtually any feel.

Emotion is one of the best things about photography, it’s not just about capturing an image, but it’s also about capturing the passion of that moment. In this tutorial i’ll be using Texture Effects to accentuate the emotion in your images.

Learn how to accomplish the following in this tutorial:

  • Use Textures to give tone to your images.
  • Using the Border Adjustment to texture the edges of your images.
  • Using the light leak adjustment to enhance natural light sources in your image.
  • Saving an effect
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