Masked Kitties - zadflowers

An artist streak runs in my family. My father painted and gave me an old Kodak camera when I was young. Painting frustrated me, as I was never able to put on canvas what was in my head. So I was always taking pictures. I loved animals from a very young age, having a “pet” squirrel that would follow me into the house, which would make my mother so mad. We weren’t allowed to have pets, so I made pets of any wild animal that trusted me. They were my subjects and for the most part, still are (like Masked Kitties). 

Masked Kitties - Forest Cat

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Getting to Know You: Behind the Lens with Jill Wellington

When I first saw photos from Jill’s Vintage Val series I knew I wanted to talk to her about it.  As an avid thrift shopper and junk enthusiast myself, I love how Jill incorporates found objects into her vision-driven photos.

image030 (1)

Jill Wellington is a portrait photographer in Michigan.  While she still photographs several sessions a month, she is now teaching photography and photo editing through her blog, video tutorials on her Youtube Channel and weekly newsletter.  She just opened an Etsy shop to sell the digital backgrounds she spent years producing for her own professional photography.

 What’s the silliest photo of yourself that you’re willing to share?

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The Skiy is on Fire by Jim Harris

Welcome to another post from our Topaz series, Behind the Lens! Today we’ll be learning more about photographer Jim Harris. Learn how Jim got started and learn about timed exposure, hear about creative challenges, and see a gallery of breathtaking images! Read more of Behind the Lens with Jim Harris…

Behind the Lens with Jim Harris

Under the Creative Influence

I come from a family of talented artists. My Mother dabbled in painting but my Uncle, Marty Gunsaullus, was one of my earliest and main influences. He has made his living as an artist in Los Angeles his entire life. Marty is mainly a painter but he did do a lot with black and white film photography back in his early days. That truly inspired me.

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Behind the Lens: Anne Geier

Welcome to another Behind the Lens from Topaz Labs! Today we’ll be learning more about photographer Ann Geier and pet portraits. Learn how Anne got started and how she finds inspiration, how she finds great locations for pet photography, and see a gallery of breathtaking images! Read more of Behind the Lens with Anne Geier now!

Behind the Lens: Anne Geier

Finding Inspiration

500px is one of the best websites where you can admire the work of thousands great artists. Generally, I find creative enlightenment everywhere, especially in nature. One of my favourite dog photographers is Kathrin Kantöpp, known as “Hundeknipserei”. Her work is amazing and her photographs are always a big inspiration for me. In 2015 I was lucky enough to meet Kathrin and her dogs personally! She was so kind to photograph my own dogs, Cindy and Finn, and satisfied a big wish of mine. I know of no one else who puts the dogs more loving in a scene than she does.

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