Julia Anna Gospodarou_Like A Harp's Strings I - Overture_1500px, Fine Art Architectural Photography by Julia Anna GospodarouLike a Harp’s Strings I – Overture

An accomplished architect and fine art architectural photographer, Julia Anna Gospodarou has added another feat to her list with the completion of the book From Basics to Fine Art – B&W Photography, an educational read on black and white photography (written with co-author and award winning B&W photographer, Joel Tjintjelaar).

In this interview, read about everything from Gospodarou’s tips for successful daytime long exposures, why she prefers the square crop for fine art photography and what features she finds most essential in Topaz B&W Effects.

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Rofl Ademeit has had a passion for photography for over 30 years. While he considers himself a hobbyist, he recently completed a five year long black and white series titled ANIMALS. His patience and perseverance is evident through the beautiful display of black and white wildlife photography. Learn how he was able to capture these beautiful photos of a very unpredictable subject matter, as well as how Topaz Labs played a role in the post processing of these amazing images.

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