Julia Anna Gospodarou_Like A Harp's Strings I - Overture_1500px, Fine Art Architectural Photography by Julia Anna GospodarouLike a Harp’s Strings I – Overture

An accomplished architect and fine art architectural photographer, Julia Anna Gospodarou has added another feat to her list with the completion of the book From Basics to Fine Art – B&W Photography, an educational read on black and white photography (written with co-author and award winning B&W photographer, Joel Tjintjelaar).

In this interview, read about everything from Gospodarou’s tips for successful daytime long exposures, why she prefers the square crop for fine art photography and what features she finds most essential in Topaz B&W Effects.

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Photographer Will Burrard-Lucas takes pictures of wild animals up close, often only inches away from flesh-eating carnivores and poisonous reptiles alike.

You might be wondering how he is able to capture these wild animals on camera with such vivid and close-up perspectives, sans telephoto lens (while maintaining all four limbs).

One answer: The BeetleCam.

Innovative technology allows for close encounters with wild animalsRead all about it and check out these insanely cool photos of wildlife from destinations all over the globe.

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At the age of ten Scott Stulberg’s father gave him the gift of a film camera. What he describes as opening Pandora’s box to the realm of photography, come adulthood Scott would switch his career as a landscape designer to that of a professional photographer.

Today Scott focuses on travel photography, taking pictures and selling his images to stock agencies such as Corbis and Getty images. He also teaches photography courses and workshops across the globe and is the author of the book, Passage to Burma.

Having just returned from a photography workshop in the South of France, read on to see his beautiful images of the indigenous Camargue horses and other inspiring photographs from around the world…

Inspiring Travel Photography by Scott Stulberg

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Award winning cinematographer, art director, and fine artist, Beno Saradzic is also a distinguished aerial photographer. Residing in the United Arab Emirates, Saradzic’s portfolio expands to include captivating atmospheric perspectives of the world’s tallest skyscrapers, accessed by rooftop as well as helicopter. An activity not destined for those fearful of heights, read on for useful tips such as how to maintain sharp images in helicopters, acquiring permits to access higher elevations, and an explanation of why digital blending can render better results than HDR.

The Atmospheric Perspective with Aerial Photographer Beno Saradzic
St. Regis Island Resort on Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi

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Interview with travel photographer – Anne McKinnell

In 2011 Anne McKinnell resigned from her day job, sold her belongings and traded the comforts of the American Dream lifestyle to become a nomad photographer. Having ventured all over the North American territory, McKinnell has shared some of her story along with her favorite photography destinations, tips on photographing wild orcas, and which Topaz plug-ins she couldn’t live without.

Driftwood Beach, nomad, anne mckinnell, topaz labs, Jekyll Island, georgiaDriftwood Beach, Jekyll Island, GA
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