Images and text by Alister Benn

The late great Galen Rowell once advised us to look to the edges of environments, and there we would find many successful images.

Where the land meets the sea must be by far one of our most fertile hunting grounds.

Ever since we were children, given a bucket and spade, a long summers day and a dripping ice cream, the seaside has been a draw, filling our lives with some of our fondest memories.

As adults, I believe much of this draw has to do with nostalgia, the sense of exploration, rich air and occasionally, just a little hint of danger. Certainly, as photographers, we flock to the seashore with as much enthusiasm as we ever did, and being so popular for family vacations, a few quite hours before dawn are usually possible, even allowing for the most hectic of itineraries.

Solid-Air, How to Shoot Great Seascapes, Spain, Topaz LabsSolid Air – Spain
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Interview with travel photographer – Anne McKinnell

In 2011 Anne McKinnell resigned from her day job, sold her belongings and traded the comforts of the American Dream lifestyle to become a nomad photographer. Having ventured all over the North American territory, McKinnell has shared some of her story along with her favorite photography destinations, tips on photographing wild orcas, and which Topaz plug-ins she couldn’t live without.

Driftwood Beach, nomad, anne mckinnell, topaz labs, Jekyll Island, georgiaDriftwood Beach, Jekyll Island, GA
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SimplifySanPedroBefore, topaz simplify, san antonio, san pedro, photoshop, Remove Webbing, in Topaz Simplify topaz simplify, san antonio, san pedro, photoshop, Remove WebbingImages of scenic landscapes and nature are commonly brought into Topaz Simplify to render beautiful, painterly results. The technology behind the plug-in uses scale space algorithms that close off holes to help eliminate details. As a result, artifacts such as webbing might be created; this is most often seen in the branches of trees. To remove the webbing is quite simple. To start, you will need a program such as Photoshop Elements or Photoshop that supports layers and a few other necessary functions.

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