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Bring instant brilliance to your images with Glow. Apply easy to use effects for a jolt of electric light within your images. With Glow 2 you can create millions of different effect styles and adjustments to make exciting art and one of a kind images. Subtle enhancements can be made with blending modes and electrifying art can easily be made with presets and adjustments. Check out all the new features of Glow!

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If you’re anything like myself, you prefer to not spend a lengthy amount of time recovering an underexposed photo, as you’re limited by time restrictions such as providing photos for a client or uploading them to social media. Because let’s face it…you probably have dozens of images to edit from your most recent vacation, photo shoot or other current event (hopefully not all underexposed, but hey…it’s better to have an underexposed photo than an overexposed one!).

Recover an Underexposed Photo in Less than 10 Minutes

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Night photography, fast moving objects, low lighting and other factors can often force you to increase your camera’s ISO settings in order to obtain proper exposure and focus. Once the image is snapped, you might be deceived as there is no evident noise within the image in your camera’s preview mode. Yet, when transferred to the computer and enlarged the grainy substance becomes more apparent. Luckily there is software out there to help with high ISO noise reduction, such as our plug-in, Topaz DeNoise.

This tutorial is aimed specifically towards initial editors such as Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw, which contain pre-sharpening and noise reduction. We just recommend to turn these settings off as well as black to 0 (which is automatically set at 5) before using DeNoise. Reducing the black slider allows you to see the detail within the image as it brightens it.

Preparing a RAW File for Noise Reduction in Camera RawAdobe Camera Raw
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Guest post by Doug Pittman

A few years back, while watching a local newscast, one of the reporters announced an upcoming car show close to where I live. It sounded to me like the perfect opportunity to put my new camera to the test, so my plans were set for that Saturday. I must have been bitten by some sort of bug while I was there because I now rarely go more than a week without photographing or working on a car image.

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