Powerful Masking on every level.

Texture Effects 2 features not only Overall Masking of the effect, but also Custom Masks for each adjustment you apply. Whether you prefer a Spot Mask, Color Mask, Luminosity Mask, or Traditional Brush Masking, Texture Effects 2 puts the power in your hands.

Join Heath Robinson in learning about the masking options in this quick 2 minute video:

About Heath Robinson

Heath has cultivated over 6 years as a professional photographer, from family portraits, to traveling the US and photographing marathons as a freelancer, he loves visiting new places and exploring the architecture and emotion of different regions around the US. Heath also has an extensive background in most aspects of technical and creative production, creative media, and marketing coming on board with Topaz in October of 2015. As a part of the Topaz Team, he loves being able to take a vision, then creatively and effectively bring it to life to create educational resources and products that our customers love.

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