It’s been a great year at Topaz Labs, let’s take some time to reflect on the best of Impression. This year, Impression saw major improvements as well as an update. If you have yet to update your Impression, you can update it here. Many new features and improvements were made to this fan favorite plugin and standalone application. Now, let’s reflect on some of the best of Impression.

This Blog Post

The Best of Impression: Bob Kramer

This blog post, Behind the Lens with Bob Kramer of Rat Rod Studios, was very popular this year. Bob Kramer, one of our very active discussion forum users, shared his love for car photography and how he post processes these images with Impression!

This Tutorial

The Best of Impression: Paint your Pet

This tutorial, Paint your Pet with Impression 2, was a very popular one this year! But who wouldn’t want to have an artistic version of your pet to display forever? Read this blog post to learn how to add artistic flare to those hundreds of pet photos you have. (It’s ok, we all have that many). A little side note: this post features our Art Director’s own golden retriever, Tristan!

This Quick Tip Video

This quick tip video, Impression 2 Tips – 5 minute Overview, was definitely one the best of Impression this year. This video has almost 5,000 views! Learn some great Impression tips and tricks from this short video.

This Webinar

This webinar, Crafting Your Images with Topaz Impression 2 and more, presented by John Barclay, is a great workflow webinar. Topaz Impression recently saw a major update and there were some great additions made! If you need a little inspiration or some help from a pro, view this popular webinar to watch John Barclay edit his images using our software.

and these Images

The Best of Impression: Darren Fisher

Photograph by Darren Fisher
Website | Facebook | Instagram

These hummingbirds were definitely popular …  generating 144 likes on Instagram!

The Best of Impression: Juan Calderon

Photograph by Juan Calderon
Instagram | Tumblr

This colorful kitty was a fan favorite, but who doesn’t love cats?  This beautiful image has generated 152 likes this year!

The Best of Impression: Cindy Doty

Photograph by Cyndy Doty

Last, on our list is our most popular Impression image from this year! This flower has generated 162 so far.

This year at Topaz, it has been a year of greats! Great images, great products, and best of all great users! Thank you to everyone who has supported us this year. I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the best of Impression from this year and expect much more in the next!

As always, I would like to invite you to check out Topaz Labs on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram to see what other users are creating. We also offer free Webinars, have a great Discussion Forum, and a YouTube Channel if you’re wanting to learn more!

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