What’s better than a brand new Leica M240? A vacation to go along with it!

Fellow Topaz user Miguel Estrella has shared some of his images he took with his shiny new toy which vacationing in Boston as well as Venice, Italy. While the photos didn’t need much post processing, light edits were made using some presets in Topaz Adjust and BW Effects. Estrella explains,

 “Leica is about simplicity in photography, what i’m after is a software that does it simply for me also, as i don’t like to spend lots of time processing, but shooting.”

Images from Venice:

Venice - Waiting Smart

Venice - Smile!

Venice - Fish Market

Venice - Kissing in San Marcos

Venice - Gondoliers III

Venice - For the river

Venice - Where are the tourists_

Venice - Gondoliers Waiting

Venice - Listen

Venice - Gondoliers I

Venice - Burano walking

Venice - Kissing in Sepia

Venice - Waiters and Rivals

Venice - Waiting by the canal

Venice - Why me_

Venice - Waiting before the tour

Images from Boston:

Boston - Biking


Boston - Keep running

Boston - Play the Chessmaster

Boston - No comes

Boston - We are Boston Strong

Boston - No War

About the Photographer:

A 37 year old of Spanish origin, Miguel Estrella currently works for a multinational company in Switzerland. He is a passionate amateur and self taught photographer. Visit his website at


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