Topaz Adjust™ just got better! The soon-to-be-released Adjust™ 5 features an intuitive selective brush, 5 preset collections with over 100 presets, preset stacking, auto layer creation, transparency control, a new finishing touches tab and lots more! These new productivity-increasing tools offer you a more professional workflow experience with unlimited flexibility and customization.

About Topaz Adjust™
Infusing your images with vibrant color and stunning detail has never been easier. From exposure and color balance to subtle photo pops, HDR effects, grunge style and more, Topaz Adjust’s intuitive and powerful tools make it easy to recover and enhance any image. With control over creative exposure, detail and color, Adjust™ is an essential part of every photographer’s toolkit. Topaz Adjust™ is designed for photographers who want to achieve advanced color and detail techniques in less time and with half of the effort. Adjust™ also simplifies the HDR process, allowing you to instantly enhance local contrast, depth, detail and color – with just a single image.

Here are my top ten favorite features waiting for you in the new Adjust 5:

1. LOTS of new presets. Over 100 presets that range from subtle photo pops to dynamic HDR effects.

2. Selective Brush. For easy dodging, burning smoothing and removing adjustments. Yes, you can BRUSH OUT the effects in (great for eliminating harsh effects on skin and in skies).

3. Apply button. Stack multiple effects and presets during the same workflow.

4. Preset collections. Presets are organized into unique collections. It also includes a My Collection where your user-made presets are saved to.

5. Transparency slider. Control the effect strength by adjusting the transparency slider and add as much or as little effect as you’d like to your image.

6. Finishing touches. Features options for borders, grain, warmth, vignettes and more.

7. Interactive Sliders. Take advantage of interactive slider/control response during your workflow. This feature works best for faster systems.

8. Histogram. Shows the tonal range of your image.

9. Curve tool. Easily adjust image tonality to help emphasize tones, contrast and brightness.

10. Split Screen. Use the 2-screen split view for easy before and after comparison.

(Layout of the new Adjust 5)

Availability information:
Once the new Adjust 5 is available we will send out a newsletter announcement with trial sign-ups and purchasing details. If you are not currently signed up to receive the Topaz newsletter you can sign up now online at:

Did you miss the NEW Adjust 5 Sneak Peek webinar? Watch it Now!

Your comments, suggestions and feature requests have made this possible. So thank you to everyone and please keep the feedback coming!!

Ashley Robinson
Product Manager

Hey Topaz Friends! I thrilled to see the excitement and positive response to the new Adjust 5. The release is around the corner so you don’t have too long to wait!

To answer the BIG questions regarding the upgrade….YES, Adjust 5 will be a FREE upgrade to existing users. Specific upgrade information for Adjust 5 will be announced in the release newsletter. You can sign up online to receive this at:

Also, because of an issue with the auto create layer feature, this will not be included in the Adjust 5 update. Our developers will continue to work on the issue and once it is fully working for ALL users we hope to reintroduce this feature.

I’m looking forward to seeing all of the new images you will be able to create with the new features and tools in Adjust 5.

Be sure to tell a friend about the new Adjust 5! Thanks to you all

Ashley Robinson
Product Manager
Topaz Labs

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