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Take the Topaz Adjust Challenge!

Remember that flat and boring photo you thought would be great? Use Adjust to reveal its true potential, taking it from good shot to great shot!

  1. Download the free 30-day trial of Adjust.
  2. Open a boring photo and watch your image to come life as you create dramatic contrast, incredible detail and vivid color.
  3. Share your transformations with us!  You can post your before/after photos on Facebook and Twitter using #TopazGreatShot or e-mail them to gallery@topazlabs.com.
  4. See for yourself how satisfying it feels when you can bring out the best in your photography— achieving better results in less time.
We’re currently running a 40% off sale on Adjust until July 31. Regularly $49.99, now Topaz Adjust is only $29.99 with coupon code JULYADJUST.
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