Topaz Adjust has received a minor upgrade to version 5.1 and is a free upgrade for existing users. To upgrade, simply navigate to our downloads page at to download the latest version. New features include an updated user interface along with an added grid view mode. Should you need any other assistance upgrading, please see our knowledge base article.

New to Adjust? For the month of August our photo enhancement plugin Topaz Adjust is on sale for $25 (that’s 50% savings!). To receive the discount, apply the coupon code AUGADJUST to your cart. If looking to try before you buy, you may download a free 30-day trial here.

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 11.47.02 AMAdjust’s updated user interface.
Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 11.44.43 AMGrid view mode makes it easier to compare & contrast presets.

About Topaz Adjust

The core technology and main feature to know about in Topaz Adjust is adaptive exposure, which works to correct exposure and balance tonal values.

beforeafterjameswaghornPhoto © James Waghorn

Working in conjunction with the regions slider, when increased, exposure is disbursed throughout the image, balancing tonalities and bringing out details that might not have been apparent before. With this powerful technology you can create high-dynamic, or HDR-like, looks. Or you can keep it simple with light adjustments for a more natural look.

HDR like effects in Topaz AdjustAdaptive exposure technology in Adjust.

Adjust is like a compact photo editing kit, containing all the tools you need to make your photo more vibrant, eye-catching and even stylized. Along with exposure, Adjust also features a variety of tools to work with from noise reduction to image sharpening to quad toning for retro effects like split-toning & cross-processing. From local adjustments such as dodging & burning, to finishing touches like vignettes, borders, quick tone and grain, transforming your original photo into a masterpiece has never been easier!

Before and After Topaz AdjustPhoto by Sebastian Sparenga, enhanced with the Dramatic filter in Topaz Adjust.

Compatibility Details

System Requirements: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit), Windows 8; Intel-based Macs 10.6 and above (64-bit only). Host Requirements: CS3-CS6, Photoshop Creative Cloud, PSE6-PSE12. Use in iPhoto, Aperture & Lightroom requires photoFXlab or Fusion Express.


Check out the Topaz Adjust gallery for more examples! Submit your own before and afters edited with Adjust to

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