Over the years we have had many many requests for a Black and White program, and today I am excited to annouce this upcoming addition to the Topaz collection – and of course to give you an inside look at the new program!

The image above was created by pro and Topaz friend Jim LaSala.
Check out the before image and a color infused version further down.

About Topaz B&W Effects
Topaz B&W Effects is a black and white converter and image enhancer that gives you a variety of tools, making it easy to create stunning black and white compositions. More than your traditional black and white conversion tool, Topaz B&W Effects offers more enhancement tools and greater flexibility for a more diverse range of looks.

Here’s a shot of the interface and 10 of my favorite new features found in Topaz B&W Effects:

1. LOTS AND LOTS of presets. I’m talking an extensive library with over 200 presets simulating traditional and alternative B&W processes!

2. Preset Collections. All of the presets are broken down into collections. There are 4 very special collections that are unique to Topaz: Van Dyke Brown Collection, Cyanotype Collection, Opalotype Collection and the Albumen Collection which all simulate historical printing processes. This allows you to give your image an authentic look.

3. Selective Brush. Intuitive selective adjustment brush for burning, dodging, selective color and selective detail – plus edge-aware options.

4. True Grain Filter & Grain Creation. Choose from your favorite films or create your own grain.

5. Adaptive Exposure. The power of Topaz Adjust is infused with B&W Effects to help create dynamic detail and exposure – Let me just say that this is my FAVORITE feature!

6. Quad Tone. Allows for 4 different tones to be selected and applied to different tonal regions within your image.

7. Creative Effects. Includes popular characteristics seen in Topaz favorites like Adjust, Simplify and Lens Effects to creatively enhance your images.

8. Finishing Touches. Includes effects to give your image the perfect final touch. This includes borders, vignettes and more.

9. Effect enable/disable. Clickable preview options that allow you to hide or view a set of adjustments for easy comparison.

10. Stage-based interface layout for a simple and streamlined workflow. All of the tools are broken down into steps to help ease you through the editing process.

Ready to take an interactive look at Topaz B&W Effects? Check out this quick intro video created by Topaz Pro Greg Rostami. B&W Effects intro video

(original image)

(color-infused image)

So as you can see the new program is full of new fun and helpful features to help you create professional-quality black and white images. The release of Topaz B&W Effects is just around the corner, so you don’t have too long to wait.

We also have some intro to B&W Effects webinars planned for this weekend. During the webinars we will introduce you to the new program and show you features in action! Check out the schedule and sign up on our webinars page.

Once the new B&W Effects is available we will send out a newsletter announcement with trial sign-ups and purchasing details. If you are not currently signed up to receive the Topaz newsletter you can sign up now online at: www.topazlabs.com/list

Be sure to check out the B&W Effects gallery to just a few of the cool images created so far with Topaz B&W Effects. And be sure to check back everyday as new images are added!!

We truly appreciate the feedback we’ve received over the years…it’s your requests, comments and suggestions that help us in creating fun and useful tools that I hope you all enjoy.

Ashley Robinson
Product Manager

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