Topaz Monthly - June 2012

Get fresh perspectives and workflow tips from industry professionals to help you improve your craft.

HDR | Urbex – By Scott Frederick

“Urban Exploration photography is something I hold very dear to my creative passion. Searching abandoned places is a thrill not for the weak at heart, because dangers lie among them and in some cases you might be breaking the law. I do not recommend anyone to trespass and you should definitely seek permission from property owners. This image was taken inside Holmesburg Prison in Philadelphia, where special permission was granted for photography.” Continue Reading…

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NEW: Topaz Snapshots!
Looking for quick and easy ways to make outstanding images? Well the new Topaz snapshot series was designed just for you. So what are Snapshots? Topaz Snapshots are quick processing “recipes” that will help inspire your photo enhancement workflow.

Topaz Snapshot: Timeless
See how Adjust 5’s Preset Collections can help you create a timeless effect in your own photos. Get the recipe…

photoFXlab + IntelliColor™ Technology
The new photoFXlab™ v1.1 features
an advanced color processing technique
– IntelliColor™ – that allows you to apply color and tonal adjustments without comprising the color integrity in your image. Continue Reading…

Photo Inspiration
Topaz user Jeff W. uses tips from the Creating Curly and Stylized Effects tutorial
to create curly and stylized effects in his
own Wild Art photos. Get Inspired…

Photo Inspiration
Susan C. shares with us her 9 exposure HDR image of Times Square in NYC, enhanced in PS Using Topaz Adjust and Topaz DeNoise. Get Inspired…

Featured User Images from the Topaz User Gallery

© Randall Fox

©Dave Ball

© Martial Michel

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