Discount Extended! 20% Off Enhanced Plug-In Bundle!
New Topaz Photo Contest Announced

Enhanced Topaz Bundle, and individual Bundle products 20% off until 10/31/10! Free upgrade for existing users!

Extended Discount for Enhanced Plug-In Bundle

Hey Everybody! As you may already know, earlier this month we released our enhanced Plug-In Bundle (See here for new features). We were overwhelmed with the response and thank everyone for trying it out…we appreciate all the feedback! If you have not yet taken advantage of this free upgrade, learn more about how to upgrade your Topaz plug-ins (individual plug-ins and Plug-In Bundle).

And due to a large number of user requests, we are extending the current 20% discount on our Plug-In Bundle, as well individual Bundle programs, to October 31st, 2010 (Happy Halloween!). If you do not yet own one of the Topaz programs you’ve been testing out, there’s still plenty of time to take advantage of the exclusive discount offer. Just enter the coupon code “Enhanced” when purchasing. And remember you can always try before you buy with our 30-day free trials!

Learn more about our Plug-In Bundle or find out which product may be right for you!


Bob Towery, photographer and photo blog author

In January 2009, Bob Towery started a daily photographic blog, Dream Tomorrow, Live Today, Cherish Yesterday, with the goals of shooting more often and improving his skills through constructive feedback. Bob’s work first came to our attention when he began “Topaz Tuesday”, where each Tuesday he features an image creatively enhanced with various Topaz programs. Follow Topaz Tuesday (on our Facebook page or Bob’s blog) to learn new techniques, view some incredible before and after shots and read about Bob’s interesting stories behind each image. Be sure to let him know what you think!

Topaz Announcements

  • New Topaz Photo Contest – Check out our new photo contest, centered on unique creative perspectives. We are excited to see some new viewpoints, both literal and conceptual!
  • New and Improved Resources – With our new Learning Center, it is easier than ever to search for the exact resources you need, including user-guides, workflow tips and many useful tutorials. Is there something else you’d like to see there? Let us know! If you have any written or video tutorials you would like to share, please visit the appropriate tutorials page and click on submit…we would love to see your workflow!

Upcoming Events

Here’s a quick look at some of our upcoming events. We’d love for you to come out and see us!

  • October 28-30, 2010 – Photo Plus Expo – New York City
  • December 4-5, 2010 – ShowBiz Expo – Los Angeles
  • January 27-29, 2011 – Mac World – San Francisco

Thanks for reading and for using Topaz software. We look forward to continuing to provide you with timely updates and useful software. If you have any questions, thoughts or suggestions, join in on the conversation below!

This post was originally posted on October 20, 2010
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