Topaz News - August 2012

Last Days to Save on Topaz ReMask!

There’s only 3 days left to take advantage of the special 30% ReMask savings. Right now you can get it for only $49. If you’ve been trying out Topaz ReMask and would like to make it a permanent part of your post processing workflow then just enter coupon code ” ProMasker “ during checkout. Offer ends Monday, August 20, 2012.

Featured Tutorial: Enhancing Backgrounds!

It’s happened to all of us. You’re in a gorgeous location, shooting an awesome scene…and the sky is boring! If you want to replace the sky in your image and don’t know how, or if you’re confused on how to work with the layers and merging multiple images then this is for you! Join Topaz expert Greg as he covers a step-by-step workflow showing you how to quickly and realistically replace that boring sky for a better one using the powerful controls in ReMask and awesome backgrounds from our friends at PhotoBacks. Watch Now

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ReMask for Beginners
With the right tools and a solid understanding of the masking process you can easily master masking and gain greater flexibility in your post processing. See how masking is made easy with Topaz ReMask.. Watch Now…

Benefits of Masking
When it comes to selective adjustments, removing unwanted objects, replacing backgrounds or repositioning elements, a good masking tool is essential. Explore the importance of masking for photographers and see ReMask’s ability. Watch Now…

Masking Trees
Leaves and branches often are a big challenge when it comes to masking
trees. We’ve got some tips to help! Continue Reading…

Masking Cats
What do you mask with ReMask? Topaz user Jeff uses it to mask his cats, and was looking for some tips to help speed
up the process. Continue Reading…

ReMask FAQs
Do you have questions about ReMask and the masking process? Get the answers to the most common ReMask questions. Learn More…

Compilation of Resources
We’ve put all of the top ReMask and masking resources together in one convenient place to help you easily find the tips, tricks and tutorials you need to get the job done. Learn More…

Featured User Images from the Topaz User Gallery

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© Maxim Gamez

© Cheryl Lamond

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