Update to the new photoFXlab™ V1.2

We are happy to announce the availability of version 1.2, which is a free download to current owners. Over the last few weeks, our developers have been working nonstop to make sure photoFXlab™ has more of the features and fixes you requested – making your Topaz workflow easier and even more effective. In the new photoFXlab™ v1.2 you’ll find the ability to save your project (layers using a new topaz file format), 3-party plug-in support (for select .8bf plug-ins), cropping grid overlay (stand-alone mode only), and Aperture plug-in support.

With the release of 1.2, now is the perfect time to change the way you enhance your photos with extended power, control and flexibility over your Topaz workflow. photoFXlab™ gives you instant access to your creative effects presets, a layered workflow, built-in masking with edge aware technology, selective adjustments, easy to use color / tone control with IntelliColor™ technology and the new InstaTone™ tool. Click here to learn more about photoFXlab™.

Special photoFXlab Offer!

If you’re ready to take your Topaz workflow to the next level by adding photoFXlab™ to your Topaz collection, then be sure to take advantage
of the special end of summer savings. Right now you can get photoFXlab™ for only $29.99. (A $50 Savings.) Just enter the coupon code: ” CreateFX “ when purchasing. Offer expires: August 31, 2012.

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Intro to photoFXlab
Featuring a layered workflow with masking capabilities, selective enhancement brushes with edge-aware technology and a fun new way to InstaTone™ your images, photoFXlab™ is the ultimate hub for all things Topaz. Watch Now…

A Closer Look at Edge Aware Brushes
Edge-aware brushes in photoFXlab™ make masking and selective adjustments easier than ever. Join Nichole as she gives you a closer look into how edge-aware technology works and demonstrates how easy it is to use. Watch Now…

Understanding IntelliColor™
IntelliColor™ is a new advancement in color technology, engineered by Topaz developers and integrated into the adjustments in photoFXlab™. Watch Now…

Understanding Layer Masks in photoFXlab™
Layer masks are powerful tools and an important feature in photoFXlab™. Learn how to work with layer masks in and explore the many uses in a typical post-processing workflow. Watch Now…

Compositing Made Easy for Endless Creative Possibilities
Learn how to replace the sky in an image, how to add texture using the blending modes in photoFXlab™ and create photomontages in a snap. Watch Now…

Exploring InstaTone™
InstaTone™ is a feature in photoFXlab™ that allows you to choose the tone from one image and apply it to your own image in one click. See how fun this new feature can be when combined with the blending options in photoFXlab™. Watch Now…

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