About photoFXlab™

Preset Quick Select – The left panel features a quick way to instantly explore and apply presets from any of your Topaz plug-ins (without having to invoke the program).

Selective Adjustments – A convenient selective adjustment brush, with edge detection technology, makes it easy to quickly brush in brightness, color and detail.

Layers + Masking – Enjoy a layered workflow with intuitive edge aware masking tool (no need to open ReMask) designed with Lightroom, Aperture and iPhoto users in mind.

Instatone™ technology – Explore images online or on your computer to find tonal inspiration and then apply it to your own image.

History – Click on the history panel to track and unapply (or reapply) adjustments.

Basic Adjustment tools – easy-to-use sliders for making essential color and tone adjustments. (The Dynamics slider is my fav!)

More details on the new program availability and pricing to come. Be sure to sign up for one of our sneak peek webinars to check out the new program. There will also be several opportunities for you to win a FREE copy of the new photoFXlab™ program. Your comments, suggestions and feature requests over the years have made this possible. So thank you to everyone and please keep the feedback coming!!!

Ashley Robinson

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