Enhancing Macro Photography with Topaz ReMask

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Many times in photography, you can end up with a image that features a beautifully detailed subject and a distracting background. Even though your foreground subject is the focus, your background can take away from the focal point of the image. Here are some simple steps using ReMask and Photoshop to easily clean up distracting backgrounds and bring attention back to your subject.

Don’t own ReMask? That’s ok! We let you try ReMask free for 30 days, completely commitment free!

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Textures & Beyond – Creativity with Topaz

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By Hazel Meredith, APSA, MNEC, Meredith Images

This tutorial uses several Topaz products – Impression; Lens Effects; Simplify; and Texture Effects. We will modify two texture images before applying them to our subject image. You can follow along using the same images by downloading them from this link.

You can do this project in Photoshop CS/CC; PS Elements; or any program that allows you to do layers.
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Impressionistic Views

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Create a Whole New World

So you’ve been editing images for awhile and you’ve figured out what works for your workflow to achieve your “look.” Today, we are going to enhance some images a little more non-traditionally. Whether you’ve been looking for a new interesting way to edit your images or maybe you just enjoy compositing. Either way, this tutorial can give a fun twist to images that otherwise may have been trashed.

For this tutorial, we are going to be using two programs Topaz ReMask and Topaz Impression. If you don’t own these programs, feel free to try them free for 30 days. Simply click the links above.

For a Limited Time: Save 25% on Impression with coupon code LOVEIMPRESSION. Save 25% on ReMask with coupon code LOVEREMASK.

Coupons valid until 3/15/17. Coupons valid one per order.
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Skin Retouching and Restyling with Topaz

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Sometimes, the Camera Captures Too Much.

Life happens. Maybe it’s a huge, life halting blemish in the middle of your forehead on your wedding day, a hotter-than-expected summer day during family photos, or maybe it’s just those pesky laugh lines from a life enjoyed. Whatever it is, there are times the camera is a little too honest. Whether you’re retouching your own photos or for a client, this easy skin retouching and restyling tutorial with Topaz Clean and Topaz Restyle will save hours of frustrating cloning and stamping in Photoshop.

I’ve included two practice images with this tutorial. I also retouched them following the same steps I outlines here. If you want to see those before and after’s they’re at the bottom of this tutorial!

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Romantic Flower Photography with Topaz

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Flower and botanical photography is very popular and it is easy to create romantic flower photography. It’s exciting to find new blossoms and colors to photograph and it’s a subject matter that can be found in every region and area of the world! I love photographing flowers because they are a great subject matter to practice depth of field with, they are all so very different in colors and shape, and they are versatile for making art with! Romantic flower photography is easy in this easy and quick tutorial! We’ll learn how to turn those images and snapshots into surreal, dreamy photographs with Topaz Simplify and Topaz Texture Effects premade effects.

Don’t have Simplify or Texture Effects? Give them a try for free for 30 days!

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Topaz Clarity and B&W Effects for Beginners

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One of my favorite Topaz programs is Topaz B&W Effects! It reminds me of my college days of being in the darkroom for hours, not knowing what results I might get, and getting frustrated to the point of tears. Wait a minute… B&W Effects is the exact opposite of all those awful things! Topaz B&W Effects is an easy way to turn color photographs into exquisite monochromatic images. It’s perfect for anyone that likes traditional black and white photography and prefers classic prints.

This beginner’s tutorial will demonstrate just how easy it can be to use such an astounding program with a unique conversion engine that emphasizes tone and texture along with Clarity, our program that delivers natural contrast. You’ll be converting snapshots, photographs, and fine art in no time!

Grab an image, anything from a picture of your grandchild to a vacation photo, and follow along in this quick 15 minute lesson!

Don’t have our programs? Try any and all of them out, completely free for 30 days.

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Add Christmas Cheer to Photos

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The holidays are more than just decorations and food. The little details make each Christmas special and different than the year before. Some families like to put up the traditional tree, wrap presents in a color and patterned theme, volunteer together, travel to see family, and (of course) eat! Are you ready to add Christmas Cheer to photos?

There’s magic in the air when you’re surrounded by friends and family, when the fireplace is lit while the snow is falling, and while you’re sharing all you have with others.

I love to document the details of events and travels. The presents under the tree, the decor, the food, the gifts, and all the little things that make the holidays special are perfect subjects to photograph. But how do you capture the warmth and glitz or the perfectly decorated tree? And how do you add a little bit of holiday cheer and magic to holiday photos?

Well, I’ll share my secret with you! Check out this easy to follow tutorial on how to add color, sparkle, and vibrancy to your holiday images with Topaz Glow and Topaz Star Effects!

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Perfect Travel Pictures with Adjust

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Perfect travel pictures are hard to get without a lot of things: ample amounts of shooting time, the correct equipment, all the professional knowhow, and more. But you can get perfect travel pictures with a little post processing and the right software!

Last March, I went to Iceland and had the trip of a lifetime! The scenery was absolutely breathtaking and there was so much to see and do. It really was a photographer’s paradise! I had a lot of photography opportunities on a day trip through the Golden Circle. We were on a pretty tight schedule to see all the stops and the sky was a gloomy, overcast grey. But that didn’t stop me from shooting away!

One of my favorite stops was Gullfoss Waterfall. I have seen waterfalls before, but never anything this big, this blue, this powerful! I made sure to get some pictures of the entire scene from up high and from down low as well as some close ups of details. I’ve lived in Texas my entire life and I had never seen a waterfall made from glacial water covered in ice and snow. It was truly awesome!

When I returned home and started to go through images, I noticed my pictures were pretty bland. I’d shot in RAW on my Nikon D300s and I had done a great job of not blowing out the whites of the snow, which was a challenge for me since I had never really photographed snow before! But I also noticed the details of the ice were muddled and the color of the water was lackluster.

Perfect Travel Pictures with Adjust 6 - Unedited

What a bummer…

I decided to edit my images to add saturation, more contrast, and refine details and edges. What better way to accomplish that than with Topaz Adjust? Check out how I fixed up my images from Iceland with the use of Photoshop CC and Adjust in this easy to follow tutorial, complete with an in-depth look at the program features and tools!

You can always follow along with me as I show you my workflow, try out the program as I teach about what the sliders do, or work on your own image with tricks I am doing. If you don’t have Adjust, you can always download a free 30 day trial here!

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Alternative Photography Styles with Texture Effects 2

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Have you ever seen photos processed with alternative photography styles and wanted to learn more about them and make your own? Today we’ll be covering how Texture Effects 2 can be used to create alternative photography styles like Cyanotypes, Gum Bichromates, and Instant Film Transfers. This tutorial will show how to make your own effects from start to finish and how to customize pre-made effects from the Community. I’ll also be telling you a little about the history and style of each alternative process!

Learn how to accomplish the following in this tutorial:

  • Workflow process for Texture Effects 2
  • How to create an effect from start to finish with Texture Effects 2
  • How to make a digital Cyanotype, Gum Bichromate, and Instant Film Transfer
  • Use the Community
  • Save an effect in Texture Effects 2
  • …and much more!

Let’s get started!

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Create a Double Exposure without Photoshop

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Have you seen the new popular effect? Those awesome double exposures that perfectly integrate two photos together in a creative way. Maybe you have even looked up a tutorial on how they are created to soon be disappointed that they require complicated masking, photo clipping, and Photoshop knowhow. With the use of two Topaz Labs plugins, ReMask and Texture Effects 2, you can create a double exposure without photoshop in minutes. I’m not kidding. You will literally be done in minutes without using Photoshop even once.

If you don’t own ReMask or Texture Effects, don’t worry! You can get a 30 day free trial. No payment or credit card info required! To get ReMask, click here. To get Texture Effects, click here.

Today, we’ll discover how the newly released Texture Effects and ReMask can be used to beautifully integrate two photos to create double exposures. This tutorial will show how Texture Effects is able to easily unleash your creative ability without all those complicated workflows. During this tutorial, we will also highlight some of the new features of Texture Effects 2 such as: PNG support, integrated masking, various blending modes, and how to import your own assets into Texture Effects 2.

Learn how to accomplish the following in this tutorial:

  • Using ReMask to mask out a background
  • Getting started with Texture Effects
  • Importing assets
  • How to apply a double exposure
  • Using the integrated masking feature

In this tutorial, I will be using an image of a woman and a mountain. Just click here to download the image of the woman and click here to download the image of the mountain. Now let’s get creating an amazing double exposure!

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