Check out this easy to follow workflow that has proven to effectively enhance landscape imagery whether it be a seascape, mountain range, forest or any other geological part of earth and land.

Step 1

  • To start, open your image in Photoshop, or a similar compatible host editor like Lightroom, iPhoto, photoFXlab or Aperture. *Note that you must download Fusion Express to access the Topaz plugins in Lr, iPhoto and Aperture.
  • Open Topaz Clarity.
  • Choose the Landscape Collection and select a preset such as ‘Color and Contrast Boost I’ or ‘Landscape Pop I’.
  • Press OK.


Step 2

  • Open Topaz Adjust.
  • Choose the Classic Collection and select the ‘Brilliant Cold’ preset (alternatively you may want to select ‘Brilliant Warmth’).
  • Under Finishing Touches reduce the Overall Transparency as desired.
  • Press Apply (bottom right corner of interface).
  • Next go to the HDR Collection and select the ‘Dynamic Brightness’ effect.
  • Under Finishing Touches reduce the Overall Transparency as desired.
  • Press OK.


Step 3

  • Resize your image for final output and open Topaz Detail.
  • Choose the ‘Overall Detail Light I’ effect from the Creative Detail Collection for output sharpening.
  • Use the Effect Mask to mask away undesired sharpening from areas such as the sky and water.
  • Press OK.


The Final Results


The Cove before


The Cove after

Key things to remember:

  • Reduce the transparency of a preset in Adjust if you find that the effect looks too strong (Dynamic Brightness at 100% might make your image appear overcooked).
  • Watch out for artifacts. Use masking to selectively apply effects, while leaving other areas of your image untouched if you start to see noise or haloing. Most commonly you’ll find artifacts start to appear around the sky, so use the available masking features found within Adjust, Clarity and Detail for this.

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