Find out more details on Topaz Impression here: Introducing Topaz Impression

I have used many Painting Filters in Photoshop. I have also used many paint filter programs. There was always something I did not like about them though. I could always tell a Filter was applied to get the look. If I looked closely I could see repeating patterns and shapes that made up the image. It looked fake.

I used to be a painter, I haven’t picked up a brush in nearly 4 years (and I miss it) but I painted for a long period in my life. One year I painted nearly 65 paintings while I was going through a Color Theory, Composition, and abstraction experiment. I know quite a bit about paint application, color blending, and brush techniques. Knowing all of this it is hard to pull one over on me with a ‘Paint Filter’. Even if you print it on canvas I can pick up on it almost instantly.

However, Topaz Labs has just announced their newest software addition, Topaz Impression. When I first talked to Darcy of Topaz about this she mentioned a new Paint Filter program. My immediate reaction was… great another paint filter program… She allowed me to look at the betas over the last month and within my first taste of the program I was hooked!

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