Topaz Adjust’s ability to bring more local contrast and dynamic range to an image is made possible by the Regions slider.  The Regions slider determines how your Adaptive Exposure selection is disbursed across your image.  The value of the Regions slider determines how many regions to divide your image to. So how are regions determined and what exactly do they do to an image? Let’s take a look.

How Regions affect your image
As you increase the Adaptive Exposure slider, you are stretching the color and increasing the contrast in the image and applying it to each of the regions. Less regions will give your image a flatter look.

As you begin to increase the number of regions in your image you will notice more variations of color, detail and the appearance of depth in your image.

Determining a Region

For each image, take the longest side, whether horizontal or vertical…divide this side into sections. How many sections is determined by the region slider. Then, using those sections divide the image into squares.  Each square is considered a region, and the contrast is then adjusted in that local region (based on the pixels).

What’s unique about Adjust’s Regions is that even as you increase the amount of Regions, Adjust blends the boundaries of those Regions so that you can not detect where one ends and the next begins.

So let’s take a closer look at Regions in action so we can see just how they work.  Please follow along with the examples below.

For the first set of images, the adaptive exposure is set at .4, and the only slider moved was the regions slider.

Original Image

Adaptive Exposure: .4; Regions: 1; When the Region is 1, the entire image is the region.

Now I will change the Regions to 7 – this shows how the regions are determined:

Adaptive Exposure: .4; Regions: 7

For this next set of images, Adaptive Exposure will stay at .5, and the only slider moved will be the Regions slider.

Original Image

The standard setting for regions is 4…here is what that would look like:

Adaptive Exposure: .5; Regions: 4

Then I changed my Regions to 40…

Adaptive Exposure: .5; Regions: 40

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