8WATSWhether it be an oil painting, watercolor or work of mixed media, find out how you can transform your photo into a stunning work of digital art using the available tools in Topaz Labs. Read on to discover eight different ways to spark your creative workflow.

1. Turn Your Photo into a Digital Painting

8 Ways to Create Digital ArtThe grandfather to Topaz Impression, Simplify uses a scale space algorithm to reduce the details in your image, rendering all kinds of digital art, including oil paintings.

One main difference between Simplify and Impression is that Simplify produces more graphic results, whereas Impression produces more realistic looking paint strokes.

This tutorial shows you how you can go beyond the basic presets in Simplify, working with the module sliders to customize the Edge and Simplify features to your exact taste when creating a digital painting.

2. Create a Coloring Book Effect

The technology in Simplify allows you to reduce your image to a line and ink drawing. Using the transparency settings, you can then blend back in the original image to create a cool coloring book effect.

8 Ways to Create Digital ArtAn extremely fun way to revamp your imagery, I can’t promise that you won’t be trying this technique on a multitude of your images in the days to come.

3. Create an Impressionistic Painting

8 Ways to Create Digital ArtWhile Simplify renders more graphic results, the technology in Topaz Impression was taken from actual brush strokes that were scanned into the program’s algorithm.

With Impression, you have the ability to control the size and application of the brush stroke to your exact taste. You can even add a texture by choosing from one of over seventy backgrounds.

In this tutorial, learn how to mimic the Impressionists and create your own impasto inspired work of digital art.

4. Create a Mixed Media Look with Impression

Impression isn’t just for painting.

In this instructional video, watch as advanced painter and photographer Blake Rudis shows you how to apply Impression to create a mixed media type of look.

Mixing different media together, like charcoal with pencil, or watercolor with acrylics, allows for the ultimate creative application in turning your photo into digital art!

5. Charcoal and Pastel Effects

Speaking of other types of media, learn how to transform your image into a realistic looking charcoal and pastel drawing using the available technology in Topaz Impression.

While Impression contains one-click effects for instant results, the selective parameters can be used to customize a work of digital art to your taste.

6. Watercolor Effects

Learn how to recreate the look of a luminous, soft watercolor painting in this tutorial. With dozens of textures and brushes to choose from, creating a watercolor effect is quite simple with Impression.

8 Ways to Create Digital ArtBonus: find out just how easy it is to create a watercolor effect using Simplify. The results rendered between Impression and Simplify differ, so it’s up to you as to which you prefer to use for a watercolor effect.

Perhaps try stacking both effects to create something uniquely yours!

7. Cartoon Creations with Clean

With all this talk about Simplify and Impression, you mustn’t forget about Topaz Clean.

While Clean is better known for its skin smoothing abilities, it also can render digital art results. Watch the video above to learn how you can apply Clean to create a cartoon type of look.

8. Using Topaz Glow for Unique Digital Art

Finally, the last item on this list features the newest addition to the Topaz family, Topaz Glow. Use this program to create electrifying neon effects that bring out the hidden lines and light in your image for eccentric results.

8 Ways to Create Digital ArtIf new to Glow, check out this beginner’s guide for some useful tips on how to apply the program for different sorts of looks. You’ll be surprised at the array of different results that can be created.

Just don’t forget about using opacity and blending modes, as well as layer masking to selectively apply the effect.

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Thanks for reading! Send your own creations to gallery@topazlabs.com for consideration to be included in our user-led gallery.

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