Ever ask yourself what are the best plug-ins to use for this image? And what is the best way to use them? Join internationally published photographer and imaging expert Joel Wolfson as he shows you how he integrates some of his favorite Topaz plug-ins with Lightroom and Photoshop to create the extra touches necessary for outstanding images. Joel will show you how he uses the new Topaz Glow 2, Clarity, Adjust, ReMask, Detail and more to a creative end.

Joel conducts photo workshops worldwide from his native Southwest to Italy, France and other locales. His roster of notable clients include Newsweek, Elle, Seventeen, Houghton Mifflin, and corporate clients such as Apple, AT&T, 3M, United Airlines and Pillsbury. His technical articles on digital imaging have been translated for use in more than 30 countries. Yet he is best known for his artistic images and unexpected views of everyday places around the globe.

Be sure to stick around for the giveaway at the end of the webinar to see if you’re one of the 2 lucky winners of Topaz Glow.