Join us for this advanced presentation, Harold will explain why he uses Topaz Adjust, Topaz Simplify, Topaz Glow 2, and Topaz Impressions 2, and provide concrete examples of how he uses these tools. Besides digital homeopathy, he’ll discuss additional ideas about creating digital art in Photoshop such as how this work relates to the Hegelian triad. Finally, Harold will provide some concrete examples of how he used the homeopathic approach to Topaz in his workflow to create his unique photographic art.

“I’ve been called a digital artist who uses photographs as my source material,” Harold says, “and I believe this is a good way to consider my work.” He likes to take his imagery slightly beyond conventional photography using digital painting, but not so far beyond photography that he would “lose the suspension of disbelief inherent in the photographic capture.” In creating this syncretic mixture of photography and digital art, Harold Davis says that among his favorite “go-to tools are the brilliant Topaz Labs Photoshop plugins.

About Harold Davis: A Zeiss Lens Ambassador and Moab Master, Harold’s work has been published in books, advertisements, cards, posters, and in art editions. His prints are widely collected. As a workshop leader he is constantly in demand. Harold is on the faculty at institutions including the Heidelberg Summer School of Photography, Maine Media Workshops, and Point Reyes Field Seminars.

Harold Davis is the author of eighteen bestselling photography books, most recently Achieving Your Potential As a Photographer: A Photographer’s Creative Companion and Workbook, published by Focal Press. His new book, The Photographer’s Black & White Handbook: Making and Processing Stunning Digital Black and White Photos, is slated for early 2017 publication by Monacelli Press.

Be sure to stick around after the presentation for a Q/A session, webinar specific discount codes for our store and to see if you’re the winner of the copy of the Topaz Complete Collection we’ll be giving away.