Ever wanted to process Images from a variety of Sources including Mirrorless, Infrared, and iPhone Cameras? Wondering what the different approaches might be to each?

Join creative photographer Rad Drew as he shares how he uses Topaz tools for a wide range of effects resulting in crystal clear infrared images, authentic-looking painterly images, and textured images with rich tones imbued with mood. Rad uses Topaz tools to process images from his Fuji mirrorless camera, his Lumix infrared camera, and his iPhone.

Rad A. Drew is a passionate photographer and award-winning iPhoneographer whose creative iPhone images have been recognized in juried international competitions and exhibited in galleries around the world. Using Topaz tools allows Rad to create effects on the computer that are similar to those he creates using the iPhone, but with greater control and higher resulting image quality. Rad is a favored speaker who teaches photography and leads tours throughout the United States, Cuba, and Europe. This spring he completed his first successful tour in the south of France, is heading back to Cuba in January for his 7th time, and is co-leading a tour with Peter Cox in Ireland in August 2017.