From chatting with many of you during our webinars I’ve realized that there are some key features and shortcuts within the Topaz programs that many users aren’t aware of. One of the most common questions that comes up is: “What is a Snap?”

Snaps is a feature that you’ll find within many of your Topaz plug-ins that allows you to take a “snapshot” of a group of settings…much like a temporary preset. The Snap button has a camera icon and is located at the top right of your program interface underneath the preview navigator. You can take up to 99 snap shots. Located to the right of your Snap button are the Prev/Next buttons. These allow you to quickly scroll through the snapshots you’ve taken.

Snaps are great to use when your not quite sure what you want to do to an image or if you are wondering if that last little tweak is really necessary. I like Snaps because you can easily “try on” various presets or settings to see which has the best effect on your image and then take a Snapshot to hold on to those settings while you explore some others.

A few things to remember about Snaps:

1. Snapshots are only available during your workflow and exiting the program will eliminate your snapshots.

2. Snaps can not be exported or saved. If you like the effect of a Snap Shot and think you may want to keep it or use it later then you may want to go ahead and save it as a preset (you can always delete it later).

3. For programs that include the Apply button (Adjust, Detail, Simplify) any existing snaps will be lost after clicking the Apply button.

Happy Snapping!

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