Our developers are hard at work on the photoFXlab™ update and that should be available very soon! It seems that there is still some user curiosity regarding the benefits of the program how it can help improve the Topaz workflow. Let’s take a look at the unique program features to help you understand the purpose and how it might be helpful to your Topaz workflow…

photoFxlab™ is a dedicated workspace that connects you to all of your Topaz programs and features simple enhancement tools. In addition convenience and added flexibility, it also offers:

1. Instant access (via a searchable library) to your Adjust, Detail, Simplify, Clean, B&W Effects and Lens Effects presets – without having to invoke the plug-ins. Instead of going to Filter -> Topaz Labs and selecting a program then applying a preset you can simply scroll through the preset library and instantly apply the preset effect to your image.

2. A layered workflow and built-in masking tool with edge aware technology – this masking tool is integrated with the program and does not require you to own or use ReMask. It is also handy for quick masking and blending jobs.

3. Selective adjustments brush with edge aware technology (previously only available in Adjust and B&W Effects). Quickly brush in detail/smoothing, dodge/burn and color in saturation.

4. Easy-to-use sliders for color/tone (the dynamic slider is my favorite – reminds of a “quick & lite” version of Adjust)

5. The new InstaTone tool.

For those using Lightroom, iPhoto and Aperture, you will also be able to access the ReMask program as well. Also, since photoFXlab™ works as a stand alone, it gives you the option to quickly edit with your topaz programs without having to open Photoshop or your other editing programs.

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