Many have noticed that in the new Star Effects™ 1.1 update (released 02.13.12) that there was a name change up in regards to the selective brush. Although no change in the functionality of the brush, the name change seems to have caused a little confusion for some users. I want to quickly explain what changed…and more importantly WHY it was changed.

The Star Settings tab in V1 looked like this:

The Star Settings tab in V1.1 looks like this:

What Changed…
Instead of the old Add/Remove options, version 1.1 is now rocking two new names: Hide/Show. As you might have guessed, Add (old name) = Show (new name) and Remove (old name) = Hide (new name).

Why The Change…
We made the decision to change the names to help clear up some confusion regarding the use and perceived functionality of the selective brush. The common misconception was that it could selectively add and remove stars (or other light/glow effects) anywhere in your image.

Unfortunately this is not quite the way it works. Topaz Star Effects™ creates the added effects based off of the existing light sources in your image. This means that you can not just click anywhere in your image and add an effect…you Must have an associated light source. So, the selective brush allows you to individually select which light sources in your image you want to apply the effect to.

With this in mind, we felt that the words “Add” and “Remove” did not accurately represent the purpose and function of the brush (instead it added confusion for users) so we decided to go with “Show” and “Hide”.

Keep in mind that when you select a preset (or make adjustments using the sliders), what is happening is that an effect is essentially being applied to all of the light source points in your image. However, using the Threshold slider (in the main adjustments tab) and/or the selective brush, you can determine which of your light source points actually reveal that applied effect.

So again, when using the selective brush, you are not adding new light source points for effects. Instead you are selecting which existing light source points (in your image) you want to be affected by (thus the show or hide) your applied effects.

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