So yesterday we had an amazing webinar with Jo Ann Kairys titled: Blending Reality and Fantasy – Creative Illustrations with Topaz. During the webinar a question came up regarding the adjustment tabs in Topaz Adjust: What is Global vs. Local vs. Finishing Adjustments?

Many of you already understand the difference/purpose of these options and and are already making great use of them. However for any of my users that may not have a solid understanding of what they are, what they do…or what these options are supposed to do, then that makes it hard for you to effectively use them. So let’s take a look at these options and how they fit into your workflow.

The Global adjustments tab is where your main enhancements to your Adaptive Exposure, Details, Color and Noise [reduction] occur. You can also have a Curve tool included here as well. Any adjustments you make in global are applied to your ENTIRE image. Also, when you apply any of the presets those effects are applied to your entire image as well. The adjustments here are the foundation of your enhancement work with Adjust, and often may be the only adjustments you need/want to make to your image. You’ll also notice an Eraser option that will allow you to Erase any of the local adjustments that you may have applied but no longer want.

The Local adjustments tab features a 4-in-1 adjustment brush. Local means that your adjustments here are NOT applied to your entire image, and instead are only applied “locally” to the section of the image that you select. Easier said, this is your way to make selective adjustments to specific parts of your image. Dodge allows you to lighten up areas of your image, Burn darkens areas of your image, Brush out allows you to remove added enhancements from an area of your image, and Smooth allows you to smooth out areas of your image.

Finishing adjustments gives you some additional options for adding Diffusion, Grain, Transparency (for reducing the strength of the OVERALL effect), Warmth (too warm up or cool down the image), Borders, Vignette, Tone. Keep in mind that Final touches that are added are applied to your ENTIRE image. These adjustments are completely optional but are great for adding creativity and creating your own style and effects. You may not always use them, but they are great to have just in case.

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