What is the easiest way to boost or lower the effect of a preset on my image?

Presets are a fun and useful feature included in most of the Topaz programs. Presets affect each image differently and don’t always work for every image, but they are still great to use as starting points for your adjustments. Occasionally you may apply preset and be immediately satisfied with the results, however most times additional tweaking will need to be done.

There are a couple of ways that you can easily boost or lower the effect of presets on your image.

Original Image
The easiest, and most basic, way to do this of course would be to increase or decrease the sliders.  However, sometimes your image may need just a little more or just a little less. I want to show you two additional ways to do this.

Processed once in Adjust
To boost the effects of a preset you can run your image through the Topaz filter twice – there are two ways that you can do this. The first, which is used if you want to apply the exact same settings, would be to use your Photoshop shortcut to reapply the last used filter. To do this go to your Filter menu (after you’ve applied your first round of adjustments) and the very first menu option will be for the Topaz filter that you just used. Selecting this will automatically reapply the adjustments to your image – without reopening the Topaz program interface. You can also use your PS shortcut keys (CMD-F for Mac users or CTRL-F for Windows users) to reapply the adjustments as well.

Processed twice in Adjust
The second way, which is good just in case you want to make any slight adjustments, is to just invoke the Topaz program again. When the program opens it will automatically apply the last used settings to your image (which is also convenient when you want to process multiple images with the same settings).

Now, if you want to lower the effects of your applied adjustments we can use a second layer and Photoshop’s Opacity tool to achieve this. The first step is to process your image in Adjust using your desired settings. Once you are back in Photoshop go ahead and create a duplicate layer (of the one that was just processed) and then reapply the same adjustments to your image – use the CMD-F shortcut. Once your second layer is finished processing you can go to the Opacity feature, which will be located at the top of your layers palette and lower this setting. For this image I used a setting of 35%.

Two layers processed with the same Adjust settings. Top layer set to 35% opacity
And that’s it. Now you know two quick ways to boost and lower the effects of your preset settings on your images.

This post was originally posted on November 5, 2010
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