Ok, so hopefully by now you’ve all heard about the new photoFXlab™ workspace that will soon be added to the Topaz lineup! This workspace offers full access to all of the Topaz plug-ins (including ReMask™ and instantly connects you to all of the Topaz effects (from Adjust™, Simplify™, Clean™, Detail™ and B&W Effects™) in a searchable library. Featuring a layered workflow with masking capabilities, selective enhancement brushes with edge-aware technology and a fun new way to InstaTone™ your images, photoFXlab™ is the new way to experience Topaz.

photoFXlab™ was designed to better integrate your Topaz plug-ins with convenient selective adjustment capabilities and offer a more streamlined workflow. It’s great for users that:

– Like the selective adjustment brush in Topaz Adjust™ 5 and Topaz B&W Effects™ – photoFXlab™ has it’s own selective adjustment brush and it features edge aware technology.

– Use Aperture, iPhoto or Lightroom – now they have the ability to use ReMask™

– Want to explore all the presets from Topaz effect programs without having to open each Topaz plug-in

– Want to instantly apply tone to an image – inspired by the unique tones found in

– Want to make quick edits with Topaz without opening their full host programs

(If you missed the sneak peek webinar then be sure to check out photoFXlab™ Sneak Peek to get caught up to speed!)

Like with all new releases, there is already lots of excitement flowing in from our awesome users…which also means lots of questions! So I’m going to keep you all well-informed by giving you the answers to the 10 most asked questions about photoFXlab™.

Q1. When will photoFXlab™ be available?
I don’t have an exact date but it should be available sometime this month 🙂

Q2. Can I get a free copy?
A2. Yes, there will be chances to win! Be sure to sign up for intro webinars once the new photoFXlab™ program is released. During the webinars we will be giving away some free copies to a few lucky attendees. Just sign up for an intro webinar for your chance to win! You can sign up on our webinars page: www.topazlabs.com/webinars

Q3. Will there be a free 30-day trial?
Yes, as with all of our other Topaz programs there will also be a free, fully-functional 30-day trial. No watermarks or limitations (other than the 30 day limit)

Q4. Will it be added to the bundle?
No, photoFXlab™ is an optional workspace – not an enhancement plug-in – and will not be added to the bundle.

Q5. What’s the compatibility requirements?
photoFXlab™ will be available for both Mac OSX 10.6+ and Windows XP and above (32-bit and 64-bit). If using as a plug-in, you will need CS3 and above, PSE6 and above, Aperture 2 or 3, Lightroom 2-4 or iPhoto. Compatibility for Irfanview, Serif and PSP TBA.

Q6. Let’s talk price…what’s it going to be?
As with all new releases, there will be a special limited-time introductory price for photoFXlab™ when it is released. That special release price is currently set to be $29.99.

Q7. Will there be an upgrade price for current customers?
This new workspace is not an upgrade, so there will not be an upgrade price. Anyone interested in adding this tool to their Topaz collection will be able to take advantage of the special limited-time release discount.

Q8. Do I have to own the bundle to use/purchase this program? You do Not have to own the bundle to use the new photoFXlab™ program. It will recognize your licensed Topaz software and allow you to continue using them in your current host program or in this new workspace. If you don’t own a specific Topaz program they will still be listed but grayed out and its associated presets will be available for preview only. However you can always add any programs that you don’t have at anytime.

Q9. Do I have to own a Topaz program to use the presets?
All of the effect presets will be listed in the preset effects panel on the left. If you don’t own the Topaz program that a set of presets are associated with then you will only be able to preview those effects. In order to apply those preset effects to your image you would need to purchase the Topaz program that they are associated with. (Also, you can always sign up for a free 30-day trial of that Topaz plug-in program to test them out first)

Q10. Do I have to own a Topaz ReMask™ to use the tools in the masking tab?
Nope! The built in masking tool is part of the photoFXlab™ program. You do not have to own or use the ReMask™ program in order to take advantage of the awesome masking technology.

To receive the release newsletter once the program is out be sure to sign up for the Topaz Newsletter at: www.topazlabs.com/list

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