I would like to tell you more about feature within the DeNoise program that has caused some confusion for some – while going unnoticed for others. When you create a preset there is an option to set the preset type. Some have noticed that often when selecting a saved preset, the preset values that are loaded were not the same numbers as when the preset was saved. Here’s why…

When saving a preset in Topaz DeNoise, there is an option to select Relative to Noise Estimate or Absolute. The Absolute and Relative parameter settings determine how the parameter settings from your previous DeNoise session are viewed.

Under the Absolute setting, when you open DeNoise the slider values and noise removal will be set at the same exact values that were applied to the last image you processed with DeNoise. This is ideal if you plan to do batch processing and you have multiple images with the same ISO and characteristics.

Under the Relative setting, when you open DeNoise the slider values will shift and give you an estimate of the image and noise settings based on your last session – this is why your slider values will appear different.

Hope this information helps!

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