As some may have noticed, Topaz Clean functions slightly different than the other Topaz bundle programs. Your image size is a contributing factor in how the effects are applied to your processed image. The intensity of the effect is affected by the size of your image. The larger your image is the more diluted the applied effect will be.

Now, there are two ways, that I’ve found, to achieve the desired intensity of the effect. The first, if you are able to, is to reduce the size of your image. The other thing you can do, to make the effect  stronger on larger images, is to run the image through the program 2 or more times using the same settings.

The quickest way to reapply the selected effects is to go to your Filter menu and select Topaz Clean 3 (this option will be at the top of the menu). When you select it it will automatically reapply the last filter used to the image. There is also a shortcut for this task which is CMD-F.

Once last thing to keep in mind, when you are editing with Clean, please make sure that you are viewing at 100%. This will give you the most accurate representation of what your processed image will look like.

If you have any questions, thoughts or suggestions please feel free to comment below. If you have any feature or functionality requests for a future version of Clean we would love to hear them.

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