We love the change in seasons at Topaz. And now the beautiful fall colors are fading away and snowy whites and icy blues are taking over with these Wonderful Winter Wonderland Photos! Check out our favorite images created by Topaz users just like you:

1. This Vintage Scene


Photograph by Bob Kramer
WebsiteBehind the Lens

Bob crafted this image of a C-30 Pick-Up with Topaz Restyle. Bob is a regular contributor to the Topaz Discussion Board!

2. This Adorable Little Bird


Photograph by Darren Fisher
Facebook | Instagram | Society6

Darren captured this little guy on a cold evening as the snow was coming down. He edited the image with CS4 and added a texture from The Daily Texture and the Winter Collection,  and to enhance the snow falling he used one of her snow overlays. The image was finished off with Topaz Labs Impression 2 and the Painterly I effect with minor adjustments to paint amounts and brush sizes.

3. This Stunning Evening

Topaz Winter Wonderland Frank Olsen

Photograph by Frank Olsen
Website | Facebook

Frank captured this image of the Northern Lights on a cold night with deep snow. He used his Canon 5D mk3 with an adapter and Nikon 14-24 lens to get the shot and edited using Topaz software.

4. This Nostalgic Scene

Topaz Winter Wonderland Seth Dochter

Photograph by Seth Dochter
Blog | Instagram

This is a three shot HDR image Seth created, finished with a little extra flare using Topaz Adjust.

5. This Winter Walk

Winter Wonderland Sara Gray

Photograph by Sara Gray
Website | FacebookInstagram

Sara used Clarity, Impression, Texture Effects, and a lot of talent to craft this image in “Gold Country” near Tahoe, California.

6. This View of Tussey Mountain Ridge

Winter Wonderland Art Balashov

Photograph by Art Balashov
Website | 500px | Facebook

Discussion Board Member storyteller captured this special view of Tussey Mountain Ridge in the vicinity of Little Juniata Natural Area, Rothrock State Forest, PA, USA, in early Spring 2013 and used Lightroom and Topaz Simplify!

7. This Cute Lil Guy

Topaz Winter Wonderland Ron Rogers

Photograph by Ron Rogers

Junco Waiting for the Snow to Stop was created with Topaz Impression Concrete Chalk that Ron customized. He used a 2 Lil’ Owls Autumn Whimsy texture and a 2 Lil’ Owls Solstice texture that he imported into Topaz Texture Effects and applied.

7. This Cozy Chapel

Winter Wonderland Tanya Elise Howard

Photograph by Tanya Elise’ Howard
Website | SmugMug | Facebook

Tanya captured Little House Of God in Soldotna, Alaska. She drove past this small quizzical chapel over and over while living in Alaska. A snow blizzard day finally got her to pull over and take it’s photo. She used Impression 2 with the Oil Stick 3 filter to edit the image.

8. This Magnificent View

Winter Wonderland Scott Oatley

Photograph by Scott Oatley
Website | SmugMug

Scott captured this image of Mt Elbert in Leadville, CO in 2013. He used Lightroom, Detail, Adjust, Clarity, B&W Effects (Lavender Grey Dynamic), and a little more Lightroom to edit the image.

9. …And This Stunning View

Winter Wonderland Chuck Nelson

Photograph by Chuck Nelson

Chuck created Stormy Mount Shasta with Detail, Adjust, and Simplify.

10. This Magical Detail

Winter Wonderland Pierre Alarie

Photograph by Pierre Alarie
Website | Facebook

Pierre captured this dreamy detail at the Sainte-Dorothée church in Laval during an ice storm. He used Topaz Adjust to edit his image.

11. This Stunning View

Winter Wonderland Peter Behren

Photograph by Peter Behren

Peter used Topaz Glow and DeNoise on this stunning image.

12. This Icy Detail

Winter Wonderland Hazel Meredith

Photograph by Hazel Meredith
Website | Facebook | Behind the Lens

Hazel, one of our professional contributors to Texture Effects 2 and webinar presenter, captured this icy detail and refined it with Topaz Products.

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