One of the new features in the just released photoFXlab 1.2 update is the ability to host certain 3rd party .8bf plug-ins. This new ability offers additional convenience and flexibility to your workflow.

Using Additional Plug-ins
Within photoFXlab you are able to use certain additional plug-ins that are compatible with Adobe Photoshop. However please note that there may be some plug-ins that aren’t supported. These additoinal plug-ins must have the .8bf extension in order to be used in photoFXlab. To add or remove these plug-ins to your photoFXlab Filters tab please go to Filter -> Add/Remove Plug-ins.

Once you select Add/Remove plug-ins, you will see your Additional Plug-in Manager

To add a plug-in to you will click on Add which will launch a finder menu allowing you to navigate your system to select the desired plug-in(s).

Follow the directions below to access your plug-ins…

For Mac:
Macintosh HD -> Library -> Application Support ->Select plug- in folder-> Choose

For PC:
C: -> Program Files -> Select plug-in folder -> OK

Once you select those file locations you will be directed back to the Additonal Plug-in Manager. You will see the plug-in folder that you selected, now in your Plug-in Manager. Once you click Quit, that will save the change.

How to Remove Plug-ins
To remove a plug-in from your photoFXlab program you will need to launch the Plug-in Manager and click the plug-in file that you wish to remove. Select Remove and then Quit to save the changes.

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