We’ve just released Topaz B&W Effects 2, a major upgrade that’s free to all existing customers of B&W Effects.
Upgrading your software

  1. Download the latest version from our downloads page.
  2. Go through the installation process. If you need any more help with this, take a look at our setup page.
  3. If you have Topaz photoFXlab, you’ll also need to uninstall it, then re-download and re-install the latest version to have it recognize B&W Effects 2.

License keys and activation
You shouldn’t be asked for your license key again if you’re upgrading, but if you do your B&W Effects 1 license key will still work. If you’ve lost it you can look it up here.

Uninstalling previous versions
You don’t need to uninstall B&W Effects 1, but you can if you like. Use the Control Panel to uninstall on Windows. To uninstall on Mac, delete the B&W Effects 1 folder in Macintosh HD -> Library -> Application Support -> Topaz Labs.

Thanks and enjoy the upgrade!

Here’s a clever way to bring out important details in many photos without also increasing noise.

Noise and detail are constantly at war in digital photos. Normally, enhancing important details in your photos also makes image noise shoot up. Try to reduce the amount of noise in your photo and, poof – there goes all your detail as well. You’ve probably run into this problem unless you somehow always capture perfect photos at ISO100.

The best solution so far has been to use specialized noise reduction software on the photo before making any more adjustments. This approach always has a trade-off, though – either you let some noise get through, or you accept that you’re definitely going to lose some details in your image.

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Note from Eric: We’re thrilled to have Nichole on our team. She will be in constant contact with you through Facebook, Twitter, the blog, and more, so you’ll be hearing from her quite often!

I just wanted to introduce myself and let you know that I am a new contact here at Topaz Labs. I am the new Marketing Specialist, and will be involved with Topaz’ various sites and promotions.
I have been in marketing and customer service for years, but my education is in Photography.  Because photography means so much to me, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to help others create fantastic imagery using Topaz software.

As the newest member of Topaz Labs, I’m excited to be a part of the team, and you’ll be hearing from me soon!


We’ve just released a free major upgrade to our noise reduction plug-in Topaz DeNoise. It incorporates a new technology we’ve developed called “IntelliNoise” that primarily focuses on naturally removing noise while recovering detail. (You can read the full press release on DPReview .)

As with previous versions, DeNoise 4 especially shines with photos that have a lot of noise. Think ISO1600 and up, maybe ISO800, with a dSLR. Our claim is that it can make ISO1600 look like ISO100, which I know is pretty hard to believe, but I urge you to try it out for yourself. With the right settings, DeNoise 4’s new technology really can make very noisy photos shine.

I’m personally really happy about this new update. Don’t get me wrong, the older DeNoise 3 was great – it really preserved a lot of detail while removing noise. The only point of improvement that we saw (aside from speed) was the presence of “wormy” artifacts in really heavy noise, and some “flattening” issues. This sometimes had the effect of making the photo look unnatural, even when all the noise was removed. Now, though, DeNoise 4 has the advantage of being able to greatly remove noise, recover detail, and keep the image looking natural at the same time. Quite a lot to juggle, but I think if you try it out on your own photos you’ll really like what you see.

Much thanks go to our beta testers and the Topaz Flickr group for their invaluable suggestions and testing. You’ve helped make DeNoise 4 a possibility.

DeNoise 4 is a major upgrade, but is also a free one for previous owners of DeNoise or the Photoshop Bundle. To access the upgrade, simply download the new version and install it with your existing license key.

Have any questions or comments? Ask away below! (a DeNoise 4 FAQ is going up soon as well.)

Windows users can now use Topaz products in Lightroom with a free update. See here for more:

Topaz Fusion

A separate free download called Topaz Fusion is required to allow Topaz products to work within Lightroom. Previously only Mac users could use Topaz products in Aperture, Lightroom, and iPhoto. With this update to Fusion, Windows users can now also run Topaz products in Lightroom, in addition to the wide range of other host programs already supported.

To proceed, visit the Topaz Fusion webpage for more information and for a free download.

The plug-ins that currently work with Fusion include:

  • Topaz Adjust
  • Topaz Detail
  • Topaz Simplify
  • Topaz Clean
  • Topaz DeJPEG

Topaz DeNoise will be supported within the next couple of weeks. Please write below if you have any questions or comments!