Fall Foliage Photography Effects - Foggy Morning - After

Texture Effects 2 Community Exclusive effects are here! Fall Foliage Photography Effects are now available in the Community.

Here in Texas, where Topaz Labs is located, we have 2 “seasons” which consist of deathly hot or freezing cold. (I might be a little dramatic when it comes to weather…) But, we don’t get the beautiful fall colors that the Ozarks and New England areas are blessed with.

Now, it’s easy for everyone to have fall looks and autumn colors in photographs. There are now five fall effects ready for download in the Community! From warm and soft to spooky and chilling, these 5 effects are sure to give your fall photography a boost of autumn warmth. I can almost smell the pumpkin spice!

Fall Foliage Photography Effects - Fall Trees - After

Make sure you have Texture Effects 2.1! Download a free 30 day trial to see what it can do or update your program now. Running Windows? Click here! Have a Mac? Click over here!

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Hazel Meredith - Scranton Lace Co - The Chair

Welcome to another post of our Topaz series, Behind the Lens! Today we’ll be learning more about Hazel Meredith from www.MeredithImages.com, award winning photographer and professional content contributor for Texture Effects 2.

Hazel Meredith - Scranton Lace Co - Wingback

Why Hazel Became a Photographer

I have always had an interest in art, crafts, and photography – taking snapshots of family and on vacations ‘back in the day’. I also have a graphic design/typesetting background (pre-desktop publishing!). Then, I purchased my first SLR in 1979 – a Minolta XG1 – which I loved. Primarily, I was still taking snapshots, but I was learning more as time went on.

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Here at Topaz Labs, we can’t get enough of the new and improved Texture Effects 2! It’s faster, it’s more fun, and the possibilities are endless! But we want to tell you more about what’s new in the creative arsenal. We’ve loaded Texture Effects 2 with new creative assets. The update boasts 90 new assets: 10 new borders, 30 new double exposure images, and 50 professionally crafted textures from 2 Lil Owls and Meredith Images, a $60 value.


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Photography. I don’t know of anything that has so many people across the world so deeply enthralled. Creating imagery is a beautiful way to express ideas, emotions, themes, and more. With the advent of digital photography and iphoneography, the power to create is in everyone’s hands. With access to knowledge and the ability to continuously learn, the sky is the limit with making images. But, photography practice is imperative.

Why do we get stuck in our creative ruts and lose momentum? How do we break out of the predictable style we’ve come to rely on and continue to practice so that we grow as artists? How do we continue to develop our skills as photographers and as artists in a medium we’ve been using for years? The simple, short answer is: we must practice the art of practicing! Growing as a photographer is a continuous process and being able to deal with the wrong equipment at the right time, embrace not having a vision, and try new workflows to open up the creative flood gates and prepare for future creative opportunities.


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13. Kelly

New Mexico’s Vanishing Ghost Towns by Gary Lamott

Continuing Our Adventures: My wife and I are continuing our adventures here in New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment, traveling the highways and byways to some of the more than 400 ghost towns, some of which not only died, but vanished! You can still find a few hardy souls that live in some of them, as well as some old buildings that are still standing. Starting in the late 1800s, these towns blazed in a moment of glory, then died in a sudden flame. Many were mining towns, where men lusted after the earth’s riches – gold, silver, turquoise, copper, lead and coal. A few were farming communities that flourished for a time and mysteriously fell silent. Some were water stops for the steam locomotives, their usefulness gone with the advent of the modern diesel engines that ride the rails today.

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