by Gabriel Fontes

Today i’ll be showing you how i edited one of my favorite pictures. This picture was taken with a Pentax K-r in mid 2012 at Parque Lage located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The image sat unused in my computer for almost one year, ah the beauty of discovering photos that have an editing potential. This is how the picture looked straight out of the camera:


And this is the final image:


The steps were:

1. Basic editing in camera raw and cloning to remove unwanted objects. That led me to this picture:


2. Using B&W Effects 2.1 to create a punchy black and white image

I used the following settings:


The resulting image looked like this:


3. I then decided to enhance some of the image’s details back in Photoshop. Here’s the technique:

First step: create two copies of your main layer and create a group with those (to do that, select the layers and drag them to the group icon).



Second step: select “Overlay” as the group’s blending mode.

Third step: Invert the group’s top layer (in this case, the Layer 1 copy). You can do that by pressing CTRL + i on a PC or Command + i on a Mac.





Fourth step : Select “Vivid Light” as the top layer’s blending mode.

Fifth step : Apply the “Surface Blur” filter, located under Filter > Blur > Surface Blur to the top layer.

You can exaggerate the effect if you want. The detail radius will be controlled by the “Radius” slider, and the amount will be controlled by the “Threshold” slider. Here is an example without using this technique:


This is after those steps:


In the original image’s case, I used these settings:


But be selective! You can always create a mask to select where you want the effect to be applied.

image00Paint with black to brush it out, paint with white to brush the effect in.


This is how the image looked after using this technique…a bit punchier. Next, I cropped and straightened the picture:


This is a really simple step, but its really, really important.

And then we have our final image:


I used the same process on a lot of different images. Here are some:



I hope you enjoyed the tutorial!

About the photographer:


A 15 year-old from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Gabriel’s passion for photography started at the age of 12. His first DSLR was a Pentax K-r; this new camera inspired him with the idea of capturing a unique moment that no one else would ever be able to capture–much equipment was purchased from then on. Fontes currently shoos with a Pentax K-30 along with multiple lenses to experiment with. Fontes claims,

“I’ve always been in favor of post processing, because photography is all about achieving the image that only you saw. Being also obsessed with Oasis (a british band), i’ve started to give my image song names, trying to express my feeling while i listen to those, being “Take Me Away” (the one seen above) one example of that.”

Check out more of his work here on 500px


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