Yes, the new ReMask 3.1 allows you to save your mask / tri-map mid-workflow…making the masking process with ReMask even more flexible and easy to work with. This new save option is found in your ReMask menu. So let’s take a look at it.

So if you are in the middle of the masking process and want to save your tri-map/mask currently in progress so that you can return at a later time, simply go to Menu -> Save.

Name your file and select a safe place on your computer to save the file.

Your saved tri-map/mask will be saved as a .tiff and will appear in this format

Later, when you are ready to finish up your image, you can load that previously saved tri-map/mask to finish your editing. To do this simply open the original image file (Must be the original image with the same file name and also is Not your saved ReMask tiff) in Photoshop (or your other compatible editing program) and invoke ReMask. Once ReMask opens go to Menu -> Load and select your saved tri-map/mask that you saved to your computer in the .tiff format

Please note that you Must have the original image that pairs up with the selected mask in order to load it. If your loaded image does not match up to the tri-map/mask that you are trying to load then you will see the message below:

After that, you can complete your mask/extraction in ReMask and then click OK to save it back to Photoshop. From there you can make any additional adjustments or enhancements you desire.

This post was originally posted on February 4, 2011
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