So while you’ve been getting familiar with the redesigned interface layout and new preset features in each Topaz program, you may have also noticed that the “Import from Internet” option is no longer available.  Now, as an avid Topaz user myself, I know that presets are a very popular part of the Topaz dynamic.  While the Import from Internet function is not frequently used it can still come in handy every once in a while.

So let’s take a look at two ways that we can still get presets downloaded from the internet and into our favorite Topaz programs.

The first way is to visit the website hosting the preset and download it.  When you download, save the preset to your desktop – so that you can easily access it – and make sure that the file extension is .tpp (for example: “adjustpreset.tpp”).  Then open your Topaz program, click “Import” and then navigate to your desktop to select the downloaded preset file.

The second way you can get internet presets from websites is to right-click (control-click if your are on a Mac) on the preset download link and select “Open URL”.  This will then open a new web browser window.  Now, don’t let the preset style information scare you.  All you will need to do is go up to file and select “Save Page As” and then remove the .xml format from the end of the file name.  So the file name should now end in .tpp.  After that, open up your Topaz program, click “Import” and then navigate to your desktop to select the downloaded preset file.

And that’s it!  So if you have any questions or comments about the new interface design or any of the Topaz program features please let us know.

This post was originally posted on October 15, 2010

Ashley and I (Eric) will be making it down to Photoshop World in Orlando, Florida this week for Photoshop World. If you’ll be there, come drop by to chat! It’ll be nice to be able to talk face to face with you. You’ll be able to catch a glimpse of Greg’s great Topaz demo, too, which in itself is a sight to behold.

Visit us at booth #311. Our booth is right behind Nik Software in the section between Epson and Adobe.

If you’re in the Orlando area but haven’t signed on to Photoshop World, you can use this free expo pass that the NAPP people gave us.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

This post was originally posted on March 22, 2010

If you want to use Topaz Photoshop plug-ins in Aperture or Lightroom instead of just Photoshop, you probably know that we offer a free product called Topaz Fusion that makes this possible. (And if you didn’t, you do now!)

Today we released a new version of Fusion Express in closed beta. This version will work for both Mac and Windows for Adjust 4 and Detail 2 in Lightroom 2 on Windows/Mac and Aperture 2 + 3 on Mac. It will also work in 64-bit Aperture 3 for Mac if you set it as an external editor.

We’d love for you to participate in the beta and give us feedback on how well it works for you. To participate in the beta, first sign up as a beta tester here:
Become a Topaz beta tester

Then, after you are accepted, visit the Fusion Express beta section:
Fusion Express Beta Testing

Note: Currently Adjust 4 and Detail 2 are the only two products that will work in this new version of Fusion Express. As we update all our other software to the new interface, they will also gain compatibility. Mac users can currently use the older version of Fusion Express to run the other plug-ins.

Let me know if you have any questions!

This post was originally posted on March 19, 2010

In our newer updates to Topaz Adjust, Topaz Detail, and Topaz ReMask, we’ve used an plug-in user interface that was rebuilt from the ground up. Hopefully this interface is both easier to use and easier on the eyes than the old one. However there were some kinks that we had to work out:

Some users have experienced a drastic difference between the colors of the previewed image and the result when using the newer versions of Topaz Adjust and Detail. Other users have experienced crashes when using the new Adjust, Detail, or ReMask. We’ve been hard at work solving these issues, and today the patch is ready for download. This should solve both the color management problem and the crashes.

To apply the patch, re-download and re-install the appropriate software at the following link. (Windows users will have to first uninstall their old software using Add/Remove Programs and then install the new version.)

Topaz Downloads

This only affects Topaz Adjust 4, Topaz Detail 2, and Topaz ReMask.

If you still have issues, feel free to post a comment or contact us from our support page. Apologies for any inconvenience caused, and as always thanks for your support!

This post was originally posted on March 15, 2010

This post was originally posted on March 12, 2010

Just a heads up that the 20% Topaz Adjust 4 release discount for Topaz Adjust and the bundle will be ending soon. Although Adjust 4 was a free upgrade for previous Adjust owners, if you’ve never tried Topaz Adjust before now is a great time to do so. Check it out here:

Topaz Adjust – Easily Make Your Photos Pop

Use the coupon code NEWADJUST for 20% off either Topaz Adjust or the Plug-in Bundle. This coupon code expires on 3/15/10.

Let me know if you have any questions about Adjust or our products!

This post was originally posted on March 12, 2010