Getting to Know You: Behind the Lens with Jill Wellington

When I first saw photos from Jill’s Vintage Val series I knew I wanted to talk to her about it.  As an avid thrift shopper and junk enthusiast myself, I love how Jill incorporates found objects into her vision-driven photos.

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Jill Wellington is a portrait photographer in Michigan.  While she still photographs several sessions a month, she is now teaching photography and photo editing through her blog, video tutorials on her Youtube Channel and weekly newsletter.  She just opened an Etsy shop to sell the digital backgrounds she spent years producing for her own professional photography.

 What’s the silliest photo of yourself that you’re willing to share?

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Wildflower Photography

Join us as we learn more about John Koscinski’s Wildflower and Bird Photography in this Topaz User Spotlight!

Bird Photography

ABOUT: The white-breasted nuthatch (Sitta carolinensis) is a small songbird of the nuthatch family and forages for insects on trunks and branches and is able to move head-first down trees.

About John

I’m a Graphic Designer, worked 5 years in a studio, and I have my own studio now. I got into photography doing Wildlife and Flower photography with the Audubon about 15 years ago and I do Wildlife and Flower Photography for their magazine and newsletter.

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For thirty years my wife and I have been traveling to New Mexico and the American Southwest. We have driven over 30,000 miles in the Four Corner states experiencing the diverse natural wonders, friendly people and history of what is unquestionably one of the most beautiful parts of our great country. It is nearly impossible to explain in words how one feels experiencing the highways and byways of our new home state. By featuring just a few of the thousands of photos I have taken and enhanced using Topaz Labs Software, I hope to give you some sense of how New Mexico is truly the “Land of Enchantment”.
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A Brief Discussion of the Rule of Thirds


‘Consulting the rules of composition before taking a photograph is like consulting the laws of gravity before going for a walk.’

Edward Weston


I’ve learned (virtually everything from others) over the years (seven decades) that good (or occasionally great) photographs are made between our ears and not in cameras.

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We have been lifelong residents of New Hampshire and have cherished our time in the Granite State as well as all of New England. But for the last 30 years it has been our dream to move to New Mexico. Over the years we have traveled more than 30,000 miles in the Great American Southwest and have fallen in love with the Four Corner States. We have visited many other places of interest, but eventually chose New Mexico, The Land of Enchantment, to call our new home!

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