When creating your masks you may notice that images with stronger, saturated backgrounds can leave instances of color contamination (also called color bleed) along the edges of your subject.

ReMask offers color decontamination technology which can help solve these color bleed issues – located in your Refinement toolset. After you create and compute your Tri-Map in ReMask, you will gain access to the Refinement toolset (lower left of the interface). The Refinement tools help you clean up your mask.

The Recovery slider (under foreground color) helps reduce color contamination by eliminating tint and reviving the color of your foreground – in weaker / more transparent areas.

Here’s a quick example of color contamination and how ReMask can help reduce it…

1. You’ll see we have a black dot on a red background.

Original Image

2. When you mask out (cutout) that dot, a ring of red tint is left around the edges.

After Masking

3. If we increase the value of the Recovery slider to 100 (must be in the Keep view) you can see that it removes that red tint from the edges, giving us a cleaner cutout.

After Recovery slider use

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