Dave Newman shares with us the skin treatment he uses to touch up his model’s skin..

Work Flow for pristine skin treatment for my models – using Topaz Clean

(Original Image)

After quick removal of rough blemishes and discoloration, go to Topaz Clean 3, with your image in Photoshop (I use CS4) then go only to SkinEven level. I adjust only the Strength slider with a bit of Threshold and Radius to suit. Keep in mind the ultimate reproduction size as you work. Im rather bold with the application and my clients love it…for best results, apply full file resolution, not a reduction or thin file.

(“Clean” Image)

About Dave Newman
Dave Newman, who hails from Utah, USA, is the author of five books; his latest and most popular being: “Professional Portrait Lighting”. Available at: www.portrait-world.com

He is currently a prestigious FELLOW of the British S.W.P.P. (One of Europe’s largest Photographic organizations). Also as a PPA (Professional Photographers of America) member, he has reached both the Master and Craftsman levels and has published many articles and present many lectures for this international organization.
His lectures and teaching have taken him to China, Korea, Mexico, Denmark, England, Australia and Germany. He is currently lecturing together with the famous George Larson who, is the originator and developer of the Soft Box lighting unit which is universally manufactured and used throughout the entire world.

See more of Dave’s work at: www.dave-newman.com

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